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Shaving Facts Shaving Facts Shaving Facts Shaving Facts

Shaving Facts

Incredible But True

  • There are about 30,000 beard hairs on the face of the average man—the greatest concentration on the chin and upper lip.
  • Hair grows about one millimeter a day.
  • Hair grows faster during the day than at night.
  • The ideal shave angle (razor blade meeting the face) is 28-32 degrees.
  • Hair on the neck grows parallel to the skin.
  • 42% of men report that they have no facial hair.
  • 34% say they have a moustache, 19% with sideburns, 17% have a goatee, 6% have a full beard, and 3% have a soul patch.

Astonish Your Friends

  • The average man will have spent 900 hoursshaving (the equivalent of 37 1/2 days) between ages 15 and 75.
  • The majority of men, 84%, shave at the sink. Another 15% of men shave in the shower.
  • Men between the ages of 18 and 24 shave an average of four times a week.
  • Men over the age of 35 shave an average of six times a week.
  • The average man begins to shave regularly when he begins to work regularly.
  • The average man spends 10-15 hours a year shaving.
  • The average shave lasts 3 ½ minutes.

DISCLAIMER: These facts are collected from various sources and websites. Please always consult an expert for the accuracy of these shaving facts. If you know any of the above fact to be dubious please notify us and we will remove it. Thank you.
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